Rite in the rain

Rite in the Rain

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Rite in the Rain has been making all weather products since 1916 and they just keep getting better. The pages are made from a patented paper that while water resistant is still recyclable and can be written on best with waterproof pen or pencil.


Get Me Some Peat

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Get me some peat might sound strange once you know Peat is mostly decomposed organic matter. Dead plants for the most part. In Scotland that would be grasses, mosses, and heather that have become waterlogged (in a bog) and starved of oxygen. T

Anthony Bourdain is a Mentor Still

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Anthony Bourdain is a mentor still, while unfortunately I never met him, I’ve always felt like we were drinking buddies. As a traveller and a man who has spent a good chunk of time in the kitchen I’ve always regarded him as a teacher and a guide. Bourdain was the friend who gave really good advice because he had been there and back again himself.
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