Outdoors, where we prefer to be. Camping, hiking, on the river, or just sitting outback by the fire, outside is where you’ll find our crew. Lucky for us it’s proven that being outside makes people happier. I’m not just saying that, I know it’s true. I’ll find the data at some point. Increased brain function, higher levels of vitamin D intake, stress-reduction, an increased sense of vitality, all benefits of being outside, trust me. We know that the more time people spend in green spaces, the more likely they will live happy and healthy lives. So here is where you’ll find the ideas and gear to make the most of your time outside.

lifesaver water purifier


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Easy to use! The LifeSaver Jerrycan is a straightforward water pump. Simply, fill, pump, and drink. With none of the taste of water purification tablets, and the added carbon capsule, the Jerrycan provides clean easy to drink water.

van life

The Van life-Converting a Van

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I’ve been obsessed with tiny houses, vans, and of course skoolies for a while now. Love instagram. Maybe I have to much time for my mind to run now that I’m not elbow on the bar at the pub half the week.

satellite communication


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If something goes wrong, declaring an SOS ensures your SOS alert and GPS coordinates are sent to GEOS, our 24/7 emergency monitoring and dispatch partner. Other safety features include check-in to let others know you’re OK (using built-in button on the device or via the ZOLEO app) and the ability to add your GPS coordinates to any message. And the ability to plan safe travel with on-demand DarkSky weather forecasts, one of the most accurate sources of hyperlocal weather.

carhartt chore coat

CARHARTT blanket-LINED chore coat

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Through the rise and fall of different trends, the Chore Coat remains a classic. From the pocket watch to the wristwatch to the phone, new technologies call for adaptations in design.

winter cycling gloves


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Constructed for extreme weather protection and warmth, INBIKE weatherproof full finger gloves provide comfort on cold and windy rides.


Hiking for Beginners

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With just a little gear and a little planning almost anyone can enjoy hiking. That being said, you do need a little common sense and know how— which leads us to HIKING FOR BEGINNERS.

beginners snowboard

Beginner’s snowboard

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Snowboarding is a winter sport that involves descending a slope that is covered with snow while standing on a board attached to a rider’s feet, using a special boot set onto a mounted binding.

duck boots

duck boots

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A duck boot is a waterproof, shoe-like boot that has a rubber lower section and a leather or waterproof textile upper. There are a bunch of styling variations such as lacing system, tread pattern, and upper material across different brands, but the basics remain constant.

thermarest ultralite inflatable seat


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The Therm-a-Rest Lite Seat Ultralight Inflatable Seat Cushion is the ideal companion for fast and light journeys when space comes at a premium. It rolls up small enough to carry in a pocket (6.5 x 2.5 inches) and can also be carried inflated, inside of ultralight, frameless daypacks for added support