Get Prepared

Make A Plan

Look to for the advice necessary to get prepared for whatever may come your way. Make a plan. Your family may not be all together if a disaster strikes. It is important to think ahead. Know how you’ll contact one another and where you’ll reconnect if separated.

Put a plan together by discussing the questions below with your family, friends or household to start your emergency plan.

  1. What is our shelter plan?
  2. Do we have an evacuation route?
  3. Is everyone in the aware of our communication plan?
  4. Do we have an adequate emergency kit


Customize your plan and supplies for your specific daily needs. Keep in mind some of these factors when developing your plan:

  • Different ages of members within your household
  • Dietary needs
  • Medical needs including prescriptions and equipment
  • Disabilities or access and functional needs including devices and equipment
  • Pets
my seditious heart by arudhati roy

One book to rule them all

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The entropy of it all — the profound disorganization in our minds, around them, the lack of the very structure that is the world. Daily consciousness is instrumental, detailed, purposeful. Entropy, a sort of chaos. A good kid gone bad, who can no longer be brought back.

lifesaver water purifier


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Easy to use! The LifeSaver Jerrycan is a straightforward water pump. Simply, fill, pump, and drink. With none of the taste of water purification tablets, and the added carbon capsule, the Jerrycan provides clean easy to drink water.

auto rescue tool


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The 440C stainless steel seatbelt cutter locks open for safety during use and is easily unlocked to fold away. It will slice through seatbelts, jeans, belts or other materials like a warm knife cutting through butter!

woodshop journal


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If you like lists and structure, you will love the Woodworker’s Shop Journal from Fox Chapel Publishing.

satellite communication


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If something goes wrong, declaring an SOS ensures your SOS alert and GPS coordinates are sent to GEOS, our 24/7 emergency monitoring and dispatch partner. Other safety features include check-in to let others know you’re OK (using built-in button on the device or via the ZOLEO app) and the ability to add your GPS coordinates to any message. And the ability to plan safe travel with on-demand DarkSky weather forecasts, one of the most accurate sources of hyperlocal weather.

sustainable living


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Discover how sustainable living can be a gradual process, one step at a time, that feels manageable and productive. Not everyone has the same level of access to time and resources. This book will help you make whatever changes you are able to and comfortable with, based on your budget, location, and lifestyle.

duck boots

duck boots

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A duck boot is a waterproof, shoe-like boot that has a rubber lower section and a leather or waterproof textile upper. There are a bunch of styling variations such as lacing system, tread pattern, and upper material across different brands, but the basics remain constant.



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Inside this book, you’ll find every project broken down into step-by-step directions with sequenced photographs for easy reference. Each project has a handy list of tools and materials at the beginning, as well as an overview of the design you’re about to build.