Every Day Carry

What is meant by Every Day Carry, EDC? Basically, the items you carry, either because you want or you need, everyday. Think of it as a collection of useful items that you consistently have on your person. That you carry, everyday. Why would you carry something everyday? Simple, utility and preparedness; to help deal with or provide solutions to everyday problems. To be prepared for the unexpected.

Most people don’t really think about it much, even though they have things that they carry. What would classify or what should you have on you everyday.

My number one EDC is a good knife, I always have a knife on me. A decent wallet, slimmed down, stay organized. Cash is good to have on hand, a phone, paracord-just a little, a great water bottle, just to name a few things you should carry. Oh, and of course, a good notebook and pen. I am never without those.

wallet ninja


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The power of 18 reliable, functional, everyday tools, in the size of a credit card! Tools that are included within the Wallet Ninja are: 6 Hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler (standard & metric), letter opener, box opener, phone stand, eyeglasses, Phillips, and Flat head screwdriver!

great flask for the outdoors

Stainless Steel Hip Flask

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It is a stainless steel flask with tight seal,contain a high quality Case. Four cups and one funnel for free

Buck folding knife

Buck folding hunter

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Buck’s Folding Hunter was created in 1963 when Al Buck decided that a revolutionary lockblade knife was needed by outdoorsmen who wanted a sturdy knife but did not want to carry a long fixed-blade knife. He was right and the result proved to be the key to the company’s future. The challenge was to combine the strengths of other folding knives with locking mechanisms into a good-looking, reliable product.

Everyday carry toolkit


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We crafted the M250 to do something metals couldn’t do: offer incredible strength without being too heavy or scratching your devices. The secret behind the tech-friendly durability? A high-end engineering composite that captures the true spirit of an Everyday-carry.

Emergency towels for camping


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McClure’s compressed fingertip towels are sturdy, disposable, and hypoallergenic. Soft enough to wash even the most sensitive of faces and tough enough to hold up under the strain of the biggest messes, they make messy situations easier to deal with. The recyclable plastic tubes are small enough to be always at hand.



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The G2X series share many features, such as compact yet powerful light, virtually indestructible high-efficiency LED emitters, precision reflectors, and and tough Nitrolon polymer bodies.

Tactical belt


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Intuitive and smooth quick release functionality when you push the golden tabs down at the same time. If just one tab is engaged, the connection will still hold and fully re-lock on its own.

Notebook cover

Leather cover for field notes

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This Field Notes leather cover is entirely handmade made from high quality crazy horse leather that has a rustic, vintage look, lovely leather smell and feels.

Pen wallet

Dango Dapper Bifold Pen Wallet

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Add some class to your day! The D01 Dango Dapper EDC Wallet was designed for the sophisticated individual. From the boardroom, to a night out on the town