Every Day Carry

What is meant by Every Day Carry, EDC? Basically, the items you carry, either because you want or you need, everyday. Think of it as a collection of useful items that you consistently have on your person. That you carry, everyday. Why would you carry something everyday? Simple, utility and preparedness; to help deal with or provide solutions to everyday problems. To be prepared for the unexpected.

Most people don’t really think about it much, even though they have things that they carry. What would classify or what should you have on you everyday.

My number one EDC is a good knife, I always have a knife on me. A decent wallet, slimmed down, stay organized. Cash is good to have on hand, a phone, paracord-just a little, a great water bottle, just to name a few things you should carry. Oh, and of course, a good notebook and pen. I am never without those.

Shire Mint Coins


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SHIRE POST MINT COINS, need help making up your mind, use one of these brilliantly crafted coins. Remember to live as we face the inevitable

coffee maker travel mug


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Boasting an easy grip mug, you can now take your stainless steel mug to go. Enjoy your hot coffee on your way to work, run errands, take the kids to school or wherever else you need to go. The mug is tapered to fit most vehicle cup holders and is well insulated to keep the coffee inside warmer for a longer period of time.

illuminated dog collar


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your dog will be even more safe and visible. No matter where you go: you and your dog will be seen. Guaranteed!

black swiss army knife.

Victorinox Swiss Army

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Every kids needs a first knife and this is the perfect one. When the outdoors are calling you, don’t just take a message. Get out there and enjoy – and bring your Recruit pocket knife with you.

Irish Aran sweater

Irish Crew Neck Sweater

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This Irish Crew Neck Wool Sweater is the most famous design and style in Aran Knitting, and can be worn by both men and women.

crayola masks

Crayola Masks Kids & Adults

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Total Solution for Daily Mask Wear
Our mask packs come included with 5 color-coded non-medical face masks, a mesh laundry bag, and a calendar card organizer, so you can keep track of which masks you’ve already worn. Then just simply toss in the wash once a week to clean before reusing!

Collapsible water bottle


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Built for ruggedness, the Nomader bottle is safe for hot drinks and to freeze. The bottle’s body is made of shatterproof silicone, making it tough enough to survive those accidental drops.

Fancy lunchbox bento

3 Tier Bento Box

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In simple terms, bento is a single-serving, packed meal, transported by the eater already assembled and ready to be savored. Like an American lunchbox, only so much more.