Every Day Carry

What is meant by Every Day Carry, EDC? Basically, the items you carry, either because you want or you need, everyday. Think of it as a collection of useful items that you consistently have on your person. That you carry, everyday. Why would you carry something everyday? Simple, utility and preparedness; to help deal with or provide solutions to everyday problems. To be prepared for the unexpected.

Most people don’t really think about it much, even though they have things that they carry. What would classify or what should you have on you everyday.

My number one EDC is a good knife, I always have a knife on me. A decent wallet, slimmed down, stay organized. Cash is good to have on hand, a phone, paracord-just a little, a great water bottle, just to name a few things you should carry. Oh, and of course, a good notebook and pen. I am never without those.

Messenger bag

Rustic Town Messenger Bag

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Rustic Town bags are made by skilled artisans using traditional methods. Each leather bag is an example of artistry and master craftsmanship.

Ice mule cooler

IceMule Backpack Cooler

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This highly portable cooler is perfect for hiking, the beach, picnics, and camping.

Pocket Survival Fire Starting Tin

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Ferro rod is great, it is a little softer than normal so it throws more sparks. The included striker/bottle opener gets the job done. The knife does well as a striker. The wire saw is good enough for cutting down small trees. A really good product overall

Opinel No 8, oh what a knife

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The Opinel design is over 100 years old and has remained true to its original intent. A sturdy, well made, and affordable knife, rugged enough for the field yet elegant enough for any occasion.

Cheap Sunglasses

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SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses UV400 Protection If you’re anything like me you’re constantly sitting on, losing, or somehow breaking your sunglasses. Which is… Read More »Cheap Sunglasses