Every Day Carry

What is meant by Every Day Carry, EDC? Basically, the items you carry, either because you want or you need, everyday. Think of it as a collection of useful items that you consistently have on your person. That you carry, everyday. Why would you carry something everyday? Simple, utility and preparedness; to help deal with or provide solutions to everyday problems. To be prepared for the unexpected.

Most people don’t really think about it much, even though they have things that they carry. What would classify or what should you have on you everyday.

My number one EDC is a good knife, I always have a knife on me. A decent wallet, slimmed down, stay organized. Cash is good to have on hand, a phone, paracord-just a little, a great water bottle, just to name a few things you should carry. Oh, and of course, a good notebook and pen. I am never without those.

Dapper wallet

Dango Dapper EDC Wallet

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The D01 Dapper Wallet was designed for the sophisticated individual with an edge. We wanted to incorporate clean lines with contrasting materials and textures.

Solid cologne

Gambler Bourbon-inspired Solid Cologne

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The Gambler Bourbon-inspired Solid Cologne – The Warm Smell of Whiskey and Old-fashioned Tobacco, Finished with a Hint of Leather; Smells like Fortune and Boldness – Solid Cologne 1oz

craft cocktail shaker

The Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker

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The Elevated Craft Shaker promises to be an essential tool for every home bar. Say goodbye to sticky leaks, frozen hands and stuck lids!

Protect your stuff

Pelican Storm Case

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You’ve got equipment to protect, and a Pelican Storm Case is the best way to do it. Why? It’s all about the resin: our proprietary HPX Polymer is proven to resist impacts even in low-temperature laboratory testing.

Unlined notebook

Handmade Leather Notebook

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Handmade Leather Journal/Writing Notebook Diary/Bound Daily Notepad With Unlined Paper Medium 7 x 5 Inches, writing pad gift for artist, (Distressed Tan)

Beer caddy

6 Pack Cooler Caddy

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Rustic, yet modern, the Beer Caddy by LEGACY – a Picnic Time brand is a waxed canvas 6-pack cooler with a removable, padded liner and a bottle opener with a retractable cord with its own stow-away pocket.

Coffee grinder

Coffee Grinder

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Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder|Coffee Bean Grinder| Spice Grinder, Black, fresh coffee has become a ritual with the onset of work from home.