We appreciate a good drink here at the Wharf. Whether a whisky around the fire, a cold beer after some yard work. A glass of wine with dinner. An old fashioned at the bar, or a couple pints at the pub. Quality not quantity, savored, enjoyed with friends.

Whiskey tasting notebook

33 Glasses of Whiskey

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Two articles on whisky and I didn’t direct you to a tasting notebook, sorry about that. A tasting notebook is the first piece of “equipment” you should purchase, we use 33 Glasses of Whisky.

Tasting Scotch Whisky- a brief how to guide

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In order to get the most of your tasting it is very important that you have a clean palate. With that in mind when tasting we always have water on hand


Get Me Some Peat

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Get me some peat might sound strange once you know Peat is mostly decomposed organic matter. Dead plants for the most part. In Scotland that would be grasses, mosses, and heather that have become waterlogged (in a bog) and starved of oxygen. T