Lights all askew, it's 2021, Einstein, quantum mechanics, consciousness

Lights all askew it’s 2021

“Men of science all agog,” wrote The New York Times of November 9 1919, in “Lights all askew in the heavens“. That men of science were among the astonished was both the essence and the least of it. The whole thing fascinated the public. There was a new hero, but also a new KIND of hero — the world transformer. It was about the impact of Einstein’s theory of relativity. But the real topic was the inability of lay persons — and even some scientists — to make sense of it. Today, it’s lights all askew it’s 2021. Those heavens and those lights, twisted by gravity and culture, and still with us — even more so. And still inexplicable. Hello, 2021.

Einstein’s theories appeared to concern the curvature of spacetime, the speed of light, and the importance of both for any attempt to understand the human situation. But really, they revealed the gulf between individual experience of the world — i.e., the inertial frame of reference — and the physics underlying it.

The world's all askew, it's 2021, einstein, the world as I see it, relativity, gravity, information

Theoretical existences

Today we can add to warped spacetime, gravity and the speed of light, the effect of the fragmentation of information. It’s culture, and the service of distribution of ideas, a.k.a. the internet.

It is not only that the relative positions of objects, and the shape of space and the experience of distances, are dependent on the specific observer. It is that the very existence of objects is also dependent on observation. Quantum mechanics has made what was difficult in Einstein, into the very difficult to comprehend.

The Great Divergences

Yet, it appears to be the case… It’s about when common sense and physics parted ways. Which, if you are on the side of physics, might appear to not bode well for common sense.  But really, as you look at the variations of “reality” as we have it in 2021, it seems all to be part of something bigger… Truths are manufactured these days and spacetime warped, it seems, by digital technology and divergent gravities.

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