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What a UFO meter measures

What a UFO meter measures — or should measure, rather — well, who cares? Turns out, a lot of people care. It is no longer merely an offbeat, irrelevant question of minor interest.

However, no surprise to anyone, UFOs have never exerted any special fascination for some people. I am among this latter group.  — But lately, the subject comes up. In the unlikeliest places too. No doubt the nervous mental dither of “the pandemic effect” creates a part of this interest. We want to think about something other than tangle-prone virus molecules in attack mode.

“Materials not of this planet”

And the U.S. military finally announced that they still study matters relating to UFOs. Or UAPs, as the Pentagon prefers to call them. Officially, the AATIP (Advanced  Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP) was closed in 2012. No matter — in the U.S. Dept of Defense, something called “The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force” is still at work. Data captured by — among others — Navy pilots using advanced equipment mounted on F-18 attack jets, and released by the DoD, has changed the tone of the conversation.

*** Read the N.Y. Times article from July 2020, about the Pentagon UFO unit which, today, is part of the Office of Naval Intelligence.***

These days I take longer walks, and I meet people who are likewise compelled. During impromptu conversations, the topics of UFOs and paranormal experiences break in. I admit, it’s interesting. Also, at Wharf21, we are working on some materials relating to UFOs and physics — Schrödinger, Heisenberg, quantum particle behavior, and especially the cognitive aspects of UFO experiences.

By the way — if your walks involve being on a nature trail, here is our article on implicit “rules of the path.” What to do and what not to do, when you meet others along the way: SOME HIKING ETIQUETTE.


Why it matters

UFO detector, cognition, hiking, UFO properties, electromagnetism, meters, measurement, Schrödinger, Heisenberg

UFO Detector – Blue LEDs – Internal Magnetometer

What a UFO meter measures is something that fascinates some people for good reason. It goes to the question of what we think UFOs & UFO experiences are. If there are indeed aliens and alien vessels, how do these “mark” our environment? What a UFO meter measures, indicates what kind of “footprint” we think a UFO will leave.

The UFO detecting meter sold by Amazon can be viewed as a curiosity, as a toy, or as a real device that provides useful information to its owner.


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