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Facing the microtesla

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Facing the microtesla… We’ll have to face it sooner or later… Also, recently (like yesterday) we asked what UFO meters (or detectors) actually measure — and didn’t really answer the question.

To put this in context, Wharf21 has published more than a dozen articles on the UFO/UAP topic, including So You Saw a UFO, and just yesterday, What a UFO meter measures.

Basically, these instruments measure 1) electric, 2) magnetic and 3) RF (radio frequency) field strength. So this involves a bit of science, and just plain old common sense. The underlying idea is that when UFOs visit us, they create electric, magnetic and RF markers as a result.

In other words, we are assuming that no matter who and what they are, they share some portion — they belong to — the universe where our laws of physics also reside.

For example — the Trifield Meter Model TF2

The popular and useful Trifield Meter Model TF2 — made in USA by AlphaLab, Inc. — is not sold for UFO detection or ghost hunting. It is meant to provide — and is advertised as — a way of detecting EMF pollution in our homes.  But we can’t stop you from using it for whatever you like. And, in fact it illustrates what most devices for ghost or UFO detection, do measure.

Even though condensed matter physics is intimidating to some. Like yours truly. So… we’ll mention the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, or MagLab for short. And we’ll visit the tesla.

Symbol µT. Well the µ is the  lowercase Greek letter mu (µ). It means 0.000001 (10 6 or one millionth), also known as micrometers. Or microns–  a unit equal to 0.000001 meters.

Now the tesla… it measures or quantifies “magnetic flux density” — strength of the magnetic field.

A gauss is 1/10,000th of a tesla. A microtesla is 1/1,000,000th of a tesla. There.

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