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Log & Organize Your Woodworking Projects, Sketches, Methods, Tools, & Material Lists; Includes Handy Quick-Reference Tables & Fill-In Table of Contents Hardcover – (QUIET FOX DESIGNS) November 12, 2018

You know I like notebooks, like lists, can’t function without them and I guess i don’t mind structure. Though I have described my system as “organized chaos”. If you’re like me, but you’re actually a skilled carpenter, you’ll love the Woodworker’s Shop Journal from Fox Chapel Publishing. Classy looking foil-stamped leather-look hardcover, specialized quick-reference tables, and a blank table of contents makes this journal an excellent gift for any woodworker. A great place (obviously) to keep all of your notes, designs, material lists, and more. 

The 144 heavyweight pages are numbered so you can fill out your own table of contents to easily find their notes. There are plenty of blank grid-lined pages for sketches and patterns, materials lists and project logs. The book includes tool checklists and a place for serial numbers and purchase dates for larger equipment. Excellent information to have on hand in case of insurance needs.


Woodworker’s Shop Journal allows woodworkers to preserve a permanent record of what they make and how they make it.

Over time, even the most dedicated woodworker can easily lose track of all the materials, methods, tools, sketches, and types of wood that they use, as well as the lessons learned during the process. Keeping essential information organized and accessible in your shop journal will prove invaluable for achieving success on repeat projects—as well as ensure a useful record of the lessons you’ve learned from any mistakes or inefficiencies.


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