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ZOLEO –Global SMS Text Messenger & Email, Emergency SOS Alerting, Check-in & GPS Location – Android iOS Smartphone Accessory

A TWO-WAY SATELLITE COMMUNICATOR allows you to send and receive messages (text, email, and app-to-app) globally, without a cell signal. They also give you the option to include your location coordinates when sending messages. So the benefits are fairly obvious. Unlike the phone you use every day, GPS communicators don’t need a cell signal to work- that’s worth repeating. They function by hooking into the world’s Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network to locate your position. Then they use another network of satellites to send and receive messages.

I don’t recommend going off the grid without one. Now we lose service regularly hiking in the National Forests and Parks around here, but never for long. It’s always a short walk back, so I’m not necessarily saying for a day hike. But if you’re going in for a while. Or know you’re going where there is no service- they are a great idea. In emergency situations, a two-way satellite communicator lets you call for help, and broadcast your location.

You can even just use it for texting with family or friends when cell service is spotty at best.

Enjoy a seamless messaging experience with ZOLEO that uses the Iridium satellite network when outside cell coverage and cellular/Wi-Fi when available, making sure your messages are transmitted anywhere you go.


what Zoleo does for you.
  • Rugged, GPS location-aware, and Iridium satellite-based. The ZOLEO device links with the free ZOLEO app on your smartphone or tablet keeping you connected anywhere. Monthly plan required: $20, $35, or $50 (25, 250, or unlimited satellite messages) with cell, Wi-Fi, and SOS messaging included. A $20 activation and after the initial 3-month commitment, suspend for just $4/mo. Plans currently available in USA, Canada, and Australia, but works globally.
  • Only ZOLEO extends your messaging coverage to everywhere on earth. Transmitting over the lowest cost network available (satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi). ZOLEO offers a familiar text messaging experience to and from any SMS text number, email address. By taking advantage of cellular or Wi-Fi when available and the Iridium network when it isn’t, only ZOLEO offers seamless coverage wherever you go!
  • Your ZOLEO device includes a dedicated US SMS text number and email address that you can share with contacts that you want to remain accessible to. Contacts can send messages directly to your SMS number, email address or via the free ZOLEO app. It’s that simple!
  • If something goes wrong, declaring an SOS ensures your alert and GPS coordinates are sent to GEOS, our 24/7 emergency monitoring and dispatch partner. Other safety features include check-in to let others know you’re OK and the ability to add your GPS coordinates to any message. Includes DarkSky weather forecasts, one of the most accurate sources of hyperlocal weather.
  • RUGGED AND BUILT TO WORK FOR DAYS. Long-lasting battery life – 200+ hours or 8+ days checking messages every 12 minutes (Lithium-ion battery). Lightweight (5.3 oz) and compact (3.58 x 2.6 x 1.06 in), the ZOLEO device is rugged with MIL-STD 810G shock-resistance, and superior dust- and water- resistance (IP68). Power input – Micro-USB Type B with a charging time of 2 hours. Operating temperature – -4°F to 131°F.
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