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Dailyart Balance Board Trainer, Board Exercise with Roller, Training Equipment for Balance Stability and Fitness, Core Balance Board for Surf Ski Snowboard Skateboard Hockey Training

I’ve been thinking about snowboarding this winter. Really, a little bit and never managed to get to river surfing this past summer. I’m definitely doing that next season, the river is getting moved to a weekly occurrence rather than biweekly. With these in mind and my increased emphasis on my core strength, I was looking for something new to add to the basement. The Dailyart Balance Board Trainer looks good.

An excellent addition to any home gym. This board can be used on any surface, and is easy to transport anywhere. Just throw it in your bag. Used to improve balance skills in all the obvious sports- Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Paddle Boarding, Surfing, and even Yoga. Balance boards can improve body control, agility and build strength while sculpting your legs, abs and core. My focus. You can easily incorporate the balance board into your regular routine. Use it in combination with other exercises like weight training and for me the rower and heavy bag. This thing will definitely make your workout more fun and dynamic.


  • Dailyart balance board assists you with strength training for legs, abdominals and core muscles with. Improve your balance, physical control, and flexibility. Strengthen the Core Stability, Neuromuscular Response, Agility and Coordination.
  • Dailyart Balance Board can be used on any surface, and is easy to transport anywhere. Used to improve balance skills in Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Skiing and training for Fitness, Hockey, Martial Arts, Yoga and general sports training.
  • Made of a combination of Birch and Poplar Woods with non-slip emery grip tape. Two stop plates on each side to reduce the risk of roller slippage. 29″ Diameter*11″Width , holds up to 500lbs.
  • With a soft fabric on the roller outside, it won’t scrape the floor. The roller can also be used as an exercise tool. The roller can relax your body, massaging muscles, it can relieve muscular soreness.
  • If you have any issues with your Balance Board, contact us and we will give provide a satisfactory solution. Of course, If you love our balance board, feel welcome to share your experience.


The CHOPFIT TRAINER SYSTEM is a compact, portable, multi-functional fitness tool. Designed to optimize your home or gym workout experience the Chopper comes in a packable size that travels well for on-the-go workouts. Throw it in a large backpack, gym bag or just pick it up and go. Hand positioning allows you to customize your weight load meaning you can easily level up or down. ChopFit workouts build grip strength, increase rotational power and train your muscles to work together. Preparing you for all of life’s adventures. ChopFit takes endurance training to the next level with fast-paced circuits. Working your upper and lower body muscles at the same time. Fluid exercise motions are non-weight bearing, which means they don’t adversely affect your joints. With trainer-designed chopping movements, you can increase shoulder mobility and flexibility. All while enhancing full-body coordination, balance and posture. Plus it is cool as hell!


The pandemic has changed our lives and forced a rethinking of how, where, when, and very much why we do things. With that in mind the wife and I rethought our membership to the local YMCA, we haven’t been “allowed” to go in months anyway. I’ve always had some equipment at the house, tower, bags, mace, assorted toys, fads, and useful pieces. While looking to expand my workout while at the same time keep space minimized I came upon the BOWFLEX ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELLS .

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