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Over 150 Steps to More Sustainable Living at Home, School, Work, and Beyond Paperback – Illustrated, October 6, 2020

Have you been thinking about your footprint? About how to live a more sustainable lifestyle? HOW TO GO (ALMOST) ZERO WASTE will help you start the change necessary. Discover how to go about making the shift towards sustainable living as a gradual process. One step at a time, in a way that is manageable and productive. Not everyone has the same level of access to time and resources. This book will help you discover changes you can make that are comfortable based on your budget, location, and lifestyle.


Your easy, practical resource on the journey to sustainable living

A zero-waste lifestyle can have a profound impact on our environment and the health of your home. How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste is here to make sustainable living easier. With more than 150 different ways you can make more sustainable choices at home, school, work, and beyond.

Learn how to reduce your footprint at your own pace with simple steps like carrying reusable shopping bags. Or more intermediate steps like mending your own clothes. Take it further with steps like creating a garden-to-cafeteria program at your local schools.

How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste offers:

  • Changes big and small―Discover how sustainable living can be a progressive process―one manageable step at a time― that leaves you feeling successful, positive, and eager to do more.
  • Your choice―Decide how you want to use this book, whether it’s trying out steps here and there, flipping to sections of interest, or reading the whole thing before you get started―it’s up to you.
  • Progress, not perfection―This book will help you take the steps to sustainable living that you are able and comfortable with, based on your budget and lifestyle.

Begin the path to more sustainable living with a book that makes it easy and manageable for anyone

About the Author

REBECCA GRACE ANDREWS, MA, has graduate degrees in both herbal medicine and ecopsychology and is on a lifelong mission to reduce waste to help heal the earth and her inhabitants. She also offers consultations and online classes in sustainability through her business Wild Wellness. Learn more about her mission at

some other resources

If you’re anything like me you’re constantly looking to improve your skill set and knowledge base. Especially when it comes to self sufficiency, energy and food production. At some point I’d love to move my office to a completely off grid “Hobbit hole”. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COUNTRY LIVING is a great addition to your library. It is one of the definitive manuals of basic skills and country wisdom for living off the land, being prepared, and doing it yourself. Whether it’s a farm or homestead, suburb, or city.

40 PROJECTS FOR BUILDING YOUR BACKYARD HOMESTEAD is your Hands-On, Step-by-Step Guide to Sustainable Living. As we start to slow down outside with the change in weather, I start to immediately think about the spring. Planning my garden, landscape projects, and ways to get dirty outback as soon as the weather starts warming. I’m looking at a few big ones this year. Two new outdoor living spaces and an effort to make my garden space more aesthetically appealing. One a solar powered “shed”, more of a reading/office room in a back corner of the yard made of recycled, rescued materials. The other a deck, barroom, outhouse all made of recycled pallets near a new firepit- an effort to allow more outside-socially distanced entertaining.

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