Mandelbrot, wall art, self-similarity, persistence, geometry, replication

Finding Mandelbrot’s fractal message

Art, mathematics and Mandelbrot are intertwined in a way that science itself is still mapping and exploring. Finding Mandelbrot’s fractal message may seem so 1990s — but in fact it turns out to carry great relevance for today.

So… who was Benoit Mandelbrot and why does it matter to us? This is an amazing and multifaceted story — but in essence, Mandelbrot was a mathematician and scientist. He  was born in Poland, in 1924, but the family fled to France before WWII, and in the late 1950s IBM offered Mandelbrot a position doing research involving his special interest in geometric patterns within natural forms — what he called the exploration of roughness. Welcome to rebel mathematics! …

What it’s about — beyond math and geometry

Mandelbrot’s insight is the discovery that there is a generative pattern of self-similarity in nature. The fractal message, so to speak, is a matter of surrendering to math and geometry in a completely new way. But it’s not just about the mathematical armature of form, it’s about how we see. Yes, there is much for the textbook or the classroom — but it also involves how we interact with our environment.

Mandelbrot, fractals, fractal geometry, self-similarity, math in nature, levels of scale, magnification, coherence, art and physics

Order in the roughness of things

An astonishing discovery reveals something amazing about the irregularity and texture of surfaces. Actually Mandelbrot himself used the word roughness, instead of irregularity. Roughness presents places where we least expect to find a mathematical ratio describing structure at all levels.

Forms, it turns out, project a “mathematical DNA” for self-replication. Shapes have geometric memory. A sort of consciousness in which they are immersed. Forms navigate time by a “fractalizing” of their inner and outer geometries — repeating at all scales of magnification.

Thus, the art and science of self-similarity — still largely not well understood — surround us, constitute parts of our world, and power each of us to some degree.


First Wall Art – Fractal Abstract Blue Black Wall Art Painting. Pictures Print On Canvas Abstract — The Picture for Home Modern Decoration

About this item

  • Size:16x32inchx3 panel, all 3 panels.
  • Giclee artwork, picture photo printed on high quality canvas. Gallery wrapped and stretched over 0.75 ” wood frame.
  • Ready to hang on the wall, each panel has a black hook mounted on back.
  • Each panel sealed in clear poly-bags for extra protection and the customized carton wraps the whole picture.
  • A wall decorations paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, dining room, office, bathroom, bar etc.



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