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Carl Sagan prayer candle

You gotta love it — the Carl Sagan prayer candle. Correction: celebrity prayer candle… I suppose I can live without it, not to say it isn’t a conversation starter…

In fact, I had written a little bit about Carl Sagan — one of the most popular science celebrities ever. But, it’s not that Sagan was a scientist and celebrity. His brilliance, profundity and individual originality distinguished him.

carl sagan, frida kahlo prayer candle, science and astronomy, aliens, art, mathematicsThe article, in case you’re interested, was called rock stars of science. As a result, I am now a prospect for celebrity prayer candles. In addition to Sagan, you can get one with artist Frida Kahlo. (Just click on the image at left.) Or Keanu Reeves, Danny DeVito, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez… the list goes on.

Another recently published Sagan piece on Wharf21 is here: BROCA’S BRAIN.

Click on any image below. You will see details of these prayer candles at Amazon.


Keanu Reeves, celebrity prayer candles, science, profundity and wit
Carl Sagan, celebrity prayer candles, science, profundity and wit

Pale Blue Dot, Carl Sagan. SETI, science, skepticism, cosmic contemplation, KeanuActually, the Carl Sagan prayer candle and these other items project a sort of wit and cheer we can use in these times… : )  Sagan championed skepticism, the scientific method, thinking about the Fermi Paradox and extraterrestrials in a purely objective way.

“It does no harm to the romance of the sunset to know a little bit about it.” A classic quote, this one from Pale Blue Dot — subtitled, A Vision of the Human Future in Space.


Sagan and SETI

And of course he liked SETI — the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It is a scientific research organization. These are the true believers, you might say, the folks who say (scientifically) “The number of potentially habitable planets in our galaxy is close to one hundred billion.” Visit their website and learn answers to questions like “What is an exoplanet?

Once we contemplate the numbers and go beyond our local provincialism in the vastness of the cosmos, it is much easier to swing over to the view that indeed, there are “alien” civilizations.

Carl Sagan, Benoit Mandelbrot — these are scientists who were also brave souls. Mathematics and mystery are not such strangers, nor are facts and curiosity.

More to come, friends.



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