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Beginner’s snowboard

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Emsco Group – Supra Hero Snowboard – Great for Beginners – for Kids Ages 5-15 – Solid Core Construction

This beginner’s snowboard will make a great gift for any kids in your life and a great introduction to the sport. A really fun way to get outside and keep the family together while staying fit this winter. I tried snowboarding years ago and damn near killed myself and some innocent bystanders without ever leaving the “bunny” slope. Maybe I’ll try it again this winter, we’ve got a few slopes around here.

In case you’re unfamiliar. Snowboarding is a winter sport that involves rocketing down a slope at bone breaking speeds. The slope is covered with snow, which is not as soft as one would hope but does break your fall somewhat. All of this is possible because you’re standing on a board strapped to your feet. Survivors seem to enjoy themselves a great deal. Snowboarding was inspired by skateboarding, sledding, surfing and skiing.


Rugged Durability- Made with solid-core polymers, these snow boards will take abuse and serious use for a lifetime.

Killer Graphics- ESP openly polls the public to only provide the most popular and engaging graphics ever make it on the snowboards.

  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNER SNOWBOARDERS. This snowboard is appropriate for children up to 75 lbs. (34 kg). It is perfect for entry-level snowboarding, making it a great fit for novices.
  • DAY GLOW COLORED SNOW. The vividly colored surface causes snow to glow around you as you race downhill, providing additional fun for each ride.
  • SOLID, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Made of a solid polyethylene construction, this kids’ snowboard showcases excellent workmanship.
  • ADJUSTABLE BINDINGS. This snowboard has step-in bindings that are adjustable for children of all ages.
  • TEACHES KIDS BASIC TECHNIQUES. Can be used to practice easy moves and novice tricks.

EMSCO Group – Trusted for over 150 years

Founded in 1861 as the THEO J. ELY company, buggy whips and mop buckets were the order of the day. While the products have changed, quality and customer service are still at EG’s core. 150+ years later, EMSCO is still a home brand name and leader in the plastics and home wares industries.

The original maker of the plastic snow shovel based in Northwestern Pennsylvania, EG continues to innovate as an American manufacturer in several categories including Lawn & Garden, Home, Cleaning Aids, Toys, Landscaping, Snow Removal, Sports Products, Recreation and more.

another winter sport


I’m looking at giving the fat bike a try this winter. First at a resort and then hopefully, if I haven’t hurt myself too badly, on some local trails. Fat bikes, or snow bikes, have been around for a while. Since at least the early 20th century, but it has only been fairly recently that they have begun to be manufactured for us, the masses. So since I’m looking into them, like always, I’ll share what I found with you.

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