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Naviskin Fleece Running Skiing Helmet Liner Thermal Beanie Fits Under Helmets

Apparently when riding on these cool mornings the wind generated just by riding can really cut a bit. I’m a newbie, didn’t see this coming as an issue. So as I look for cool weather gear, something for under the helmet seems like a great idea. This fleeced cycling skull cap is perfect. Designed to provide long lasting warmth and serve as a windbreak for sports like cycling, skiing, snowboard, football or running in the winter. Made from a super lightweight fabric feels comfortable when wearing this under your helmet. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and prevents sweating into your eyes.


The 4 way stretch construction ensures a high level of elasticity and this stretchy skull cap fits comfortably on heads of all shapes and sizes. It’s a good choice and must have for cold weather outdoor activity.

This fleeced beanie is great for men and women, designed with a convenient ponytail hole. Both sides can be drawn down to keep your ears warm in cold days.

A SMART HELMET to cover your beanie

Safety is our first and foremost concern when riding, for my wife especially. So when I saw this smart cycling helmet I immediately thought it would make an excellent gift for her upcoming birthday. She’ll love the added taillight and blinkers. Though I’m not sure she’d ever use the phone or blue tooth capabilities while riding. I would, but I love the option. The LIVALL RIDING APP with emergency contact and built-in sensor chip provide a level of additional safety we hadn’t even thought existed. Not that we’ll stop wearing our safety bracelets. Knowing that in case of an accident the emergency system will kick in automatically and send your GPS location to your emergency contacts is assuring.

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