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Julbo Cham Mountain Sunglasses w/Polarized, Alti Arc, or Spectron Lens

THE COMEBACK OF AN ALPINE CLASSIC!!! Feeling nostalgic, thinking of the legends of the mountains. Looking for the authentic frame with leather side shields worn by the climbers of the world’s great peaks. With this re-release, Julbo offers much more than a pair of sunglasses. They’re supplying pure emotion, the alchemy of shiny metal, soft leather and rivets, all backed up by high-performance mirror lenses. Comfort and vision in the mountains, with equally good credentials for roaming around town or all of your travels. Of course they’re more than suitable for everyday outdoor use.

JULBO CHAM polarized mountain SUNGLASSES

  • SHIELDS AGAINST SUNLIGHT: Removable side shields provide maximum protection in extreme conditions against harsh sunlight.
  • CRAFTED FOR COMFORT: Innovative material provides utmost comfort, while creating a snug fit for all outdoor activities.
  • BEST FOR: The Julbo Cham Sunglasses are specifically designed to help you explore a lifestyle in and out of the mountains.
  • DESIGN: New performance lenses on an old classic mountaineering design. The side shields cut out the high-mountain excess lights. The metal frames hold up on the mountain and in the city.
  • LENS: Alti Arc 4 Mineral Glass brown color lens view with silver mirror finish. Alti Arc 4 lens delivers 7% Visible Light Transmission (VLT), blocking 93% of the light getting to your eye. For those sports where you will be exposed to intense sunlight like hiking in the mountains at elevation. Enough light is restricted that it is not appropriate for use while driving.
  • FRAME: the classic metal frame combined with the all leather shields combine to create a great mountain pair of glasses. The adjustible temples helps create a good fit. The side shields can be removed as needed. The Grip Tech on the nose piece help to create a secure fit.
  • Includes: microfiber pouch

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If you’re anything like me you’re constantly sitting on, losing, or somehow breaking your sunglasses. Which is why I always keep a pair of good cheap sunglasses around. I use these for hiking, paddling, yard work, all day to day activities that might be hazardous for my prescription pair.


While cheap sunglasses are important and I probably have 4-5 pairs floating around. I keep them for the kayak, for hiking, in my every day pack, I hate to be without a pair. Its important to have a few pair that you don’t mind breaking or losing. But a good pair, that work right and look great are so important. That’s where Ray-Ban sunglasses comes in. The perfect blend of functionality and style.

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