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The Island chapter two

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The Island chapter two, let’s call it. I mean what is happening today.

When the movie directed by Michael Bay was screened in 2005, it was sexy, slick, with special effects. Not just special effects here and there: they were in the product all the way from the surface on down.

However, critics labeled it a box office bomb, more or less. So what went wrong? It had AI, dystopia, action, sex, science, zzzzzzzzz. Been there, read it, seen it. Even with Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor, and tons of money poured into action scenes.

Not that it was so bad, but it had cost over $100 million to make, and there was a long uphill for ticket sales to climb.

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When the future seems like fiction

But it had something else — actual foresight into social changes. It was dystopian entertainment — the same old b.s. by science fiction writers. Except we’d all heard it already.

But now, 15 years later, we are so much closer to the vision of the movie being reality.

Is it so bizarre today to think we might grow dollhouse humans for biological harvesting? that AI will manage to save us from ourselves? that AI will diagnose us as we cross the street or walk through a train station?

You think they are not already engineering humans with potential for these things somewhere on earth, maybe Russia or China? or the U.S.?…

Biological machines don’t need to be invented.

We are a treasure trove of biological machines, of cellular and molecular intelligence. Intelligence is inherent in nature. That is how humans acquired it. We’ve gone from the micrometer, to the nanometer scale, and now the pico- and femto-scales are opening our eyes to the existence of a fabric of intelligence, of consciousness, in deep layers of molecular, atomic and sub-atomic forms.

nanometer — one billionth of one meter. Known as ten to the power of minus 9 or  109
picometer — one trillionth of one meter. Or ten to the minus 12, or 1012
femtometer — one quadrillionth of 1 meter. Ten to the minus 15 power, or 1015

The AI is part of your body

We published an article earlier today about how MIT has developed a bio-acoustic AI-based test to determine from the sound of coughing, whether the person is an asymptomatic coronavirus carrier. The question, obviously, is: how do they do that? How do the “bio-acoustic markers” get projected to begin with? in what stuff?

The AI can read them because the markers are — in effect, and I’m being only slightly foolish and fanciful — electromagnetic photographs — images, in effect — of the presence of the virus. The stuff around the virus is intelligent. That’s how.

Heraclitus told us, we shoulda listened

You can read in science journals serious articles by sober-minded thinkers, asking: is nature itself conscious? is what we call matter part of the fabric of a cosmic intelligence? The new technology doesn’t come from a lab — not really. We don’t make it. The solution exists in nature — we find it there. It is discovered, magnified, explored, modified, scaled, and then transferred through R&D to pilot projects, to production.

Biological machines don’t need to be invented. They need to be understood.

You think Aldous Huxley would be surprised? I don’t think so, myself. “The Island chapter two” has come, so to speak. We’ve turned the page. The changes around us overwhelm us. Perhaps we haven’t noticed — but it is getting impossible not to notice…

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