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Vive La Révolution and all that stuff

Vive La Révolution and all that stuff?

Well… In America these days we’re hardly in the frame of mind to re-learn the narrative of the French Revolution of 1793. Except that it was quite relevant to us and we imported ideas from there that persist to this day. And I mean, some of them even for our own good…

Stuff about — you know — freedom, individual rights, la dignité, and of course details on cuisine and the things that matter. Paintings in gray, what they call grisaille.

Blue blood and immortality

Thinking about this because I speed-toured the Netflix show La Révolution.  By episode four or so I resolved that I had NO idea what it was about. Beautiful cinematography, bassy musical score, very dark, lots of gritty scenes.  As if the producers wanted to make certain the stereotypes about French were countered. Wikipedia has the shortest possible article about it — as if they want to avoid the topic altogether — but  the series renders for us something supernatural. A monstrous, power-conferring disease of the blue bloods a.k.a. aristocrats, the nobility.

Vive La Révolution and all that stuff has apparently reached the stage where the French show us how to do tasteless violence.  We’ve talked a bit about French culture here and there.

— Jean-Paul Sartre, writer, philosopher, existentialist, in SPELL OF WITCHCRAFT AND TRANSCENDENCE

I should also mention our short piece on American author/chef/grille maven — Steven Raichlen, in THE BRISKET CHRONICLES.

Well I better stop before I start waving flags and all that… “On what slender threads do life and fortune hang.” (from The Count of Monte Christo)

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