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The AI will see you now

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Brave new world, hello. The AI will see you now, probably whether you want it to or not. MIT announced it has developed an AI that detects asymptomatic coronavirus infection from the sound of coughing. Turns out there are acoustic biomarkers in sounds like, well, coughing. They envision this AI as a phone app.

Huxley, Brave New World, acoustic biomarkers, harvesting organs, The Island, Scarlet Johansson, Ewan McGregorIn other words, right out of George Orwell. Or Aldous Huxley — you know, Brave New World. It is the virtual electronics that will connect all of us, and that will make monitoring possible. We will navigate among clouds or islands of data, owned by each of them in some way. Monitored, used, valued for our biology — but perhaps not the way we would like.

We will accept this loss of privacy because of the many benefits. And they are many — and profitable. Plus many people think that we will have no choice anyway. Hey, did anyone ask you whether Google and other data powerhouses could secretly share info with the government? Nah, I didn’t think so…

Virtual versions of us will be useful

The AI will see you now — sounds a bit ominous because along with all the wonders of electronic awareness in our environment, there is a sense of foreboding. Don’t get me wrong, there really ARE many benefits. But… whether we will look like lab-produced dolls in less than a generation of technical advancement, is another matter.

Techtopia 101

Remember the Scarlett Johansson / Ewan McGregor film, The Island? where they were in effect dolls in an underground virtualized lab, which turned out to be used for organ harvesting? Of course the people living in this techtopia did not know it. But that film was 15 years ago — and it still seems accurately futuristic.

By the way, important to note: the film The Island is not based on Aldous Huxley’s final novel, also called The Island.

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The MIT acoustic biomarkers story can be read in many places — I saw it in a tweet from Deutsche Welle —


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