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TACTICAL HEAVYWEIGHT BALACLAVA Oldelf Tactical Heavyweight Balaclava Outdoor Sports Mask

The weather is changing and as it gets colder we obviously adjust our gear accordingly. Putting the lightweight away for gear with more substance, a little more protection from the elements. So as we head into the woods, or get on our bikes we’ve switched out our light weight summer balaclava for one with a little more weight. Keep your face warm and do the same.

a heavier Balaclava to keep your face warm!

Hate the cold weather and worry that your face, neck, ears, and nose may be freeze right the heck off? But you really like getting outside to play. Can’t imagine giving up activities like autumn and winter outdoor climbing, camping, hiking, cycling and other sports just because it’s cold. This sports mask, balaclava, will keep your face warm throughout it all, providing plenty of protection.

  • Fleece
  • Pull On closure
  • Material is fleece composite fabric.One Size fits all.
  • Classic styling, feels super soft, windproof breathable excellent,hat solid modelling, in line with the structure of human head.
  • Versatile, can be used as a hat, snood, scarf, mask to use.
  • Wind-proof, dust-proof, warm, comfortable to wear.
  • Suitable for outdoor hiking, camping, hiking, skiing, cycling and other sports.
  • There are five colors, dark gray, blue, military green, black and red.

some winter hiking pants while you’re at it.

We got out on the trails this past weekend. Actually we had a mini “staycation” and got in a couple of days in both the Jefferson and Washington National Forests. Not trying to kill it, about twenty miles total. Beautiful weather, yesterday was damn near perfect. But the mornings started cool and when we got up top I couldn’t help but think it’s almost time to pull out my winter hiking pants. I take notes when hiking and some trails I want to see in every season, yesterday’s for instance. A 2 mile tunnel through rhododendron and andromeda will be incredible in the spring. The ridges around here are great in the late fall and winter with insane views on both sides.

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