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Broca’s Brain and stories of natural

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Broca’s Brain is a 1970-something book by astronomer and scientist Carl Sagan. it is an amazing thing considering how far brain-science, specifically, has come since. But Sagan was no ordinary astronomer, and his scientific views always challenge the reader at least a little. Often by a lot. And Broca’s Brain and stories of natural elemental design, visit a subject waiting for humans to get around to. The intelligence within nature.

Paul Broca and mapping the brain

The Broca of the title refers to a French anatomist and anthropologist named Paul Broca. Credited with assigning various functions to different regions of the brain, Broca is a founder in a field where innovation is largely ahead of us.

By the way, to stay away from raves and flattering comments only, here are Eli Bendersky’s comments on the book.  Also the material on the book in is worth checking out.  And the one from

btw… we just published a short article, ROCK STARS OF SCIENCE … in which we talk about Carl Sagan. Maybe he comes to mind because it is November, the month when our walks find darkness earlier, and the skies get more attention from us. Or maybe Broca’s Brain and stories of natural intelligence simply become more important then…

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