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UFO detectors EMF RF

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Our instruments presume certain properties about what they seek to quantify — in effect they design that which we measure. Thermometers record elevated atomic agitation, i.e., heat — what Richard Feynman called “jiggling.” EMF detectors assume that the sought entity signals its presence via an electromagnetic field. UFO detectors detect EMF/RF — what we assume will identify the alien, paranormal, space-migrating entity.

Here we are, designing aliens

trifield emf rf meter, richard feynman, jiggling atoms, detecting aliensWe anticipate fields of a certain amplitude, wavelength, and frequency. In other words, we make assumptions about parameters and “signatures” and bake those into our devices. It’s natural and rational. In another way, when applied to entities we know little or nothing about, it’s comical.

None of which reassures us. We don’t know much about aliens or ghosts. So UFO detectors EMF RF or not — we are not well equipped to design instruments that will detect, record, or signal their location and details of their nature. However, quality is quality — and even if you end up only learning something about your local EMF RF environment, you will be ahead. We really think so.

The meter pictured here, the TriField® made by AlphaLab Inc.,  is a very competent and well-designed item. What it does, it does well, and we recommend it. It’s the No. 1 ranking EMF meter at Amazon.  — It does not represent itself as a UFO meter. Check it out


For a quick look on Feynman’s idea of “jiggling” atoms:

I really want to say much more about Richard Feynman’s legacy — what to me is a very healthy and valuable body of information. — But one thing at a time…

Also, unrelated — sort of — but if you have a chance, check out Project Smoke — smoked food that is. I’m partial to it.

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