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FLINT Safety Whistle, Fire Starter, Glass Breaker

Fire, essential to survival. The most important of survival techniques. Fire can purify water, cook food, signal rescuers, provide warmth, light, and a feeling of comfort and security. It’s hard to find as many survival features in an item you will in the SOG SURVIVAL & DEFENSE TOOL the Flint. The Flint comes loaded with enough survival and defensive components to get you through the night or away from danger. All in a tool the size of a pencil. The Flint has a built-in fire starter, steel Wool tinder compartment, carbide-tipped glass Breaker, and safety Whistle. Weighing in at less than an ounce and measuring 4.3-Inches long, it’s small enough to be carried on a lanyard, in a pocket, or in a pack. Wherever the destination is, it’s always nice to have a backup plan.

The Flint is small enough to keep on you at all times. Throw it in the console of your car, glove box, backpack-anywhere. With its compact size there is no reason to be without one.


  • Fire Starter
  • Steel Wool Tinder Compartment
  • Carbide-Tipped Glass Breaker
  • Safety Whistle
  • Packs survival and defense features in a tool the size of a pencil.
  • Built-in fire starter, steel wool tinder compartment, carbide-tipped glass breaker, safety whistle
  • Small size and light weight makes it easy to carry on a lanyard, in a pocket or in a pack
  • Durable anodized aluminum construction
  • Overall Length: 4.3-inches; Weight: 0.7 oz.; Lifetime Warranty

another option

I’m no expert on survival equipment, but I’m a fan of this thing. It’s about the size and shape of a thick pencil. It is light enough to stick in a shirt pocket without pulling at the fabric, and solid enough to be effective in a self defense situation.

It can be used to start fires. There is a whistle to call for help or alert others to your location. It cuts, scales, shaves, sharpens, whittles, etc. It is also an easy to carry pocket fishing pole sturdy enough to actually catch a fish. Works fine as glass-breaker. Get one for each family member to keep in their car and definitely throw one in your day pack.

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