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“Witchcraft,” says Wikipedia, ever the diplomat, “is the practice of magical skills, spells, and abilities.” Being a big fan of the whole Wikipedia idea — and a modest contributor, financially and content-wise — I won’t be too critical. Also, it’s witching season — it’s why I have written a few short articles on the topic.

But… somehow the “magical skills” concept leaves me wanting. Maybe for a more juicy invocation of what that word means. I mean, it’s not juggling or digitation or stage performance. I feel like the “magical skills” concept of it is a bit too… clean, stagey, circumlocuitous, round-about and careful.

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Witches, so many witches

So what is a witch? a witch, they say, is someone who can hold and shape — attention. She can put others under a spell, work her will. And, she does it in such a way that we become part of her vision, and we are then in a changed reality. Sounds like virtual reality…  Yes, in a fairy tale narrative, under a spell. Analogically, the witch is like an ambient environment of magical skills, spells, and abilities. She surrounds her subjects, with an environment in which magical things can occur.

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If you’ve read about witchcraft, yoga, or meditation practices, you may have seen this word. Well, parts of the content we have inherited from the East, the Orient, is now part of our own culture. So you may have heard this word: Antakharana. It is the connection between the lower and the higher, an energy channel. Like an electrical cable from the sky to the ground. That is a very abstract way of speaking about something quite “concrete”… Consciousness, in short.

More to come..

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