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Fisher Space Raw Brass Bullet Pen

We like pen and paper, obviously. Granted I have maybe 3 or 4 different note Apps that I use on my pad. At the same time I have 6-7 notebooks that I also use daily. So good pens are important too, I know everyone has a favorite. The Fisher Space Raw Brass Bullet Pen is a great pen. It writes at any angle, upside down, underwater (I’ve never needed to write underwater but- heck yeah), and in harsh temperature conditions. When closed this pen somewhat looks like a long bullet.

This design has been exhibited for some time by New York’s Museum of Modern Art as an outstanding example of contemporary industrial design. Each FISHER SPACE RAW BRASS BULLET PEN pen comes in an attractive gift box with and incudes the interesting history of the Fisher Space Pen.

Fisher bullet

Open the Bullet measures 5.3 inches with a closed length of 3.7 inches. All the Fisher Bullet Space Pen Series contains a PR4 Black Ink Medium Point Refill.

When closed, the Bullet Space Pen is the perfect size to carry in your wallet, pocket, purse, car glove box, organizer or toolbox. When open it’s a full sized, evenly balanced writing instrument.

  • Writes at any angle, even in Zero Gravity. Simply the most versatile pen ever made.
  • Writes in extreme temperatures from -30F to 250F
  • Each Fisher Space Pen is precision assembled and hand tested in the USA. Each carries an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
  • This pen casing is RAW UNFINISHED BRASS. Over time each pen will develop a unique patina as it responds to the environment, owner’s body chemistry, and the way he or she handles their pen.
  • Open the Bullet measures 5.3 inches with a closed length of 3.7 inches and a diameter .3 inches

other pens

You’ve noticed, we like notebooks. I suppose we like to think of ourselves as writers, poets, philosophers, explorers, people of depth and understanding. Who knows, others might not agree, especially when we’re waxing philosophical as we sample a new whiskey. Anyway, a good notebook needs a good pen and the CRKT Techliner EDC Pen is a great addtion to your EDC. The Techliner pen is built to impress. Sleek, ergonomically machined and magnetic ends that stick solidly to clipboards, desk legs, and workbenches so it’s always at hand.

The most loaded tactical pen on the market. The design is well made and well crafted, the flashlight beam is very strong and useful. Made of super strong aircraft grade aluminum for self-defense. This 6 in 1 tactical pen includes, besides a pen; flashlight, bottle opener, screw driver, hexagonal wrench, as well as the specially designed self-defense tip.

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