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I’ve definitely been doing a bit of web surfing lately. Looking to expand my knowledge, pick up hobbies, and always searching for new gear. We hike, camp, paddle, and generally spend a lot of time outside. Now to be honest we’ve just got back in to camping, I mean she’s just shown an interest in coming with me. I’m surprised she’s decided she’s willing to tent camp again but am glad she’s been coming. Well we got out last week and it was a bit cold, and the hike in with gear was a bit much for her. So we’ve been discussing breaking up our backpacking with some car camping. I’ve got a 93 Jeep Wrangler and the wife has a much newer FJ Cruiser. Both would get us to some fun spots, out of the way spots. My research about car camping has brought me to “overlanding”.

These traction mats would be great for the winter or off-roading in general.

Overlanding is car camping but more extreme, as far as your destination. Well maybe not necessarily, but generally so. Think self-reliant travel to more remote destinations, where the journey is really both the goal, the fun, and the excitement. Backpacking in your vehicle. Overlanding then is not about a quick weekend get away but something more substantive. Your camping is most likely going to be for an extended length of time. Weeks even a month- if you have the time and can plan it right- think a drive across country but not stopping at the campground. Remember this isn’t about a destination but the journey.

Hopefully the time you spend traveling is looked at as an opportunity to see and learn about the world around you. No matter if its just a quick weekend getaway or a cross country trip that lasts the entire summer. Like backpacking or bikecamping start with what you have, as long as you’re starting with a vehicle that can handle most terrain. The vehicle of course is going to cost. If you’re already a camper, you probably have a lot of what you’d need or want. Utilize what you can, take it slow and build through experience.

not quite car camping

The terrain you may experience while overlanding can be as challenging as you’d like. Be prepared, map your journey well and make sure you are properly equipped. Different terrain, different base needs. I know this doesn’t need to be said but good, large, water containers are a must- grab a couple of 5 gallon food grade containers. Keep in mind you’re not going out “fourwheeling”. This is about visiting and enjoying remote, hopefully pristine locations, and of course leaving them that way. To possibly expand your knowledge and comfort with other cultures. Increase your ability and comfort regarding self-reliance for extended periods of time. Basically you are taking your car camping to a whole other level. But mostly it’s about having fun with friends, family, whoever you choose to journey with.

some other useful stuff

Power–If spend your spring and summer camping, at the beach, or even the local parks the Jackery Portable Power Station is a must have. Keep your laptop, phones, speakers, and tablets all charged and ready to go. Only be as disconnected as you’d like to be.

A couple of tents

The Raptor OFFGRID Rooftop Tent lets you jump into your SUV and get away from the hustle of daily life. Designed to mount easily on your stock roof rack system or on an aftermarket rack/crossbar system. Set up in seconds; The Raptor is the lightest manual roof top tent on the market for its class . The interior features a large living area, built-in pockets, and plenty of places to hang your gear. Its door rolls from the top down allowing air flow in while protecting you from the elements. The built-in awning creates a natural panoramic view, enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of your tent.

Search the Wharf site for plenty of good camping gear.

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