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Fractal consciousness, fractal UFOs

What if the aliens we found at Roswell (I know, I know, but stick with me here) were both real AND “docetic,” entangled doubles? In fact fractal consciousness, fractal UFOs. By “docetic,” we mean the shapes compose perceptual plasma. They project, they shape. “They” stamp and template forms — they impose self-similarity and the final result appears real — but it is hologram-like. Docetism — the heresy from early Christianity — proposed that Jesus’s body was a mere appearance, not 100% physical. (Not hard to see why this would be heresy… it undermines a core theological doctrine.)

Naturally, it was an attempt to reconcile the extreme claims of doctrine, with human reason.

The fractal hierarchy of consciousness

But, if UFOs present actual alien ships and they are also artifacts of consciousness? What if UFOs slip into 0ur dimension — our perceptual field — through gaps or cracks in the holographic prism? Cracks not in “physical space” but in the mental dimension of it?  between the iconic, self-similar shapes? Shapes in what, you ask. The forms and geometries that comprise the fabric of consciousness. The fabric of mind. Note: for a long time, science could sweep aside any such questions. But no more…

Phi, Fibonacci ratio, self-similarity in finance and perception\

But everything changed starting with the ‘teens or twenties of the 20th C. For instance Heisenberg. Uncertainty became a principle. Why? because consciousness presents us everything.  We perceive nothing outside of consciousness, and never have. Subjectivity can’t be written off… Therefore, mind matters…

And then consciousness emerged as an activating principle — things were precipitated from the superposition, to actual location in space, by being observed.

As noted above, the word docetic refers to a Christian heresy, one of the early ones the church set ruthlessly to expunge from the theological stage. Here we are talking about the 2nd C. of our current era. Effects like the Fibonacci — Phi phenomenon — simply begin to explore the way in which order is perceived by us. The Fibonacci, self-similarity in ascending or descending scales, is also an artefact of perceiving, and how structure emerges.

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