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Zippo 3 in 1 Axesaw

A ZIPPO 3 IN 1 AXESAW? I’ve had a Zippo lighter for years. Actually I have three and even though I no longer smoke I can’t seem to part with them. Memories I guess. Zippo makes a good product for sure and a three in one is certainly convenient for packing. The Zippo mighty AxeSaw is built to do more.

This type of versatility is essential for the woods, a mallet, bow saw and hatchet all in one package. Set up camp in no time and spend more time around the fire. The AxeSaw easily cuts and chops branches, drives tent stakes easily with the full tang head, and is lightweight. This is a great tool to take camping, at home, in the backyard, or hunting. The saw blade has rust and corrosion protection for long-lasting performance and the integrated saw blade handle storage is a provided safety feature that keeps the blade safe and readily accessible.


Chop small to medium fire wood with the 5 inch steel hatchet head. Quickly create tinder by shaving fire wood with the 5 inch steel hatchet head. Slice logs 4 inches in diameter with the 15 inch steel saw blade. Ideal for pounding any size tent stakes into hard ground with the mallet head.

  • 5″ full tang 420 stainless steel axe head & durable polymer handle with saw blade storage
  • 15″ hardened stainless steel saw blade
  • Heavy tent stake mallet
  • Dual Function saw handle & safety sheath
  • Cam & self-adjusting tension compensation

other axes for the camp

Despite its beautiful appearance this is a back country ready axe. This is an excellent camping axe and should be part of your gear kit whether hiking or driving in. Very comfortable in your hand and light enough to lash to your pack to carry in.

This Off Grid Survival Axe incorporates a butt load of tools into 1 hand held multitool. The tool includes a hatchet blade, hammer and nail claw, pry bar and nail puller, replaceable 6 inch saw blade, multiple hex wrenches, a bottle opener and more. Great for your camping or hunting gear, bug out bag, and even keep one in the car or truck. This is a definite must have for the zombie apocalypse- smash a zombie and pop a beer.

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