coffee at the campsite

Coffee at the campsite

Stanley Adventure All-in-One Boil + Brew French Press

My wife says I’m a coffee addict. She’s right. I need my coffee. Maybe it’s caffeine- I’ve been known to enjoy a cup of tea also. When I was visiting my daughter in England, she was studying at Oxford which has nothing to do with this but I wanted to brag. Or when I had the opportunity to hike in Ireland I had no problem drinking tea every morning. But my first choice is always coffee. I grind my own beans when I have the time- and working from home often affords me the time. I especially enjoy a cup of coffee when I’m camping, especially this time of the year when the mornings are a little chilly. COFFEE AT THE CAMPSITE is just a little better and the Stanley Adventure all in one boil and French Press is the way to ensure that perfect cup when overnighting. Something about enjoying that sunrise on a chilly morning miles from civilization just makes a perfect start to the day.


Roughing-it meets refinement with this all-in-one gear set. Whether you need a fresh cup of joe or are looking to heat up some soup to warm your bones, this sleek and streamlined French press brews, boils, and cooks. Pack light and drink up, adventurers.

  • Multifunctional set brews, boils, and cooks. Pack less gear and do fewer dishes with this 32oz marvel
  • Nesting design saves space when packing and storing
  • Vented, melt-resistant nylon lid fits on pot and press for thermal efficiency
  • Handle folds flat for easy packing, extends to pour
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Guaranteed for life

Espresso on the go

The Aeropress is a new kind of coffee/espresso maker. This press brews rich, delicious, coffee. In just one minute, the aeropress can make 1 to 4 cups of american or espresso coffee. The aeropress works in about 30 seconds, similar to an excellent espresso machine, and delivers that same quality. The fast brewing time of the aeropress will deliver a less bitter and acidic cup of coffee every time.

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