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Witches, infidelity, UFOs and everything

Raffiniert ist der Herrgott, aber Boschaft ist Er Nicht,” said Albert Einstein. Famously, one should add. It means “The Lord God is subtle, but He is not malicious.” We found this quote most recently in an actual scientific paper written about UFOs and NASA. We found that paper during our research into witchcraft, which somehow is entangled with the UFO mysteries. Witches, infidelity, UFOs and everything, is a big topic for lil’ ol’ us to take on, for sure.

Also Einstein was right — we frequently read some kind of personal malice from higher powers, when something happens to us. The thing is, when it comes to witches and UFOs and such, the topics are deep indeed.

Why NASA has a dilemma and why they have done well

The Einstein quote was featured, among other places, in a 1988 essay by Richard C. Henry, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University. It appeared in The Journal for Scientific Exploration. If you have the patience to read this amazing essay,  you will be rewarded with new insight into NASA and the entire UFO dilemma. Click here for a copy online.

So it is no surprise that we find ourselves in a maze of actual wisdom shared by our betters. See also our recent article SOME UFO REPORTS ARE WORTHY.

The witches make us think these things

Einstein’s comment about malice vs subtlety is raised often in certain circles — for instance, when quantum physics are being discussed. The great physicist famously said “God does not play dice with the universe.” He was responding to hearing about the probability theory of quantum particle behavior. He wanted to reject what was being proposed — reject it in spite of the science that supported it. We’ll talk about that later, because we are always struggling ourselves to understand it.

But Halloween season brings us to a series of jottings on witches, UFOs and such. We plunge into what I call “dark data.” There is a lot of fun. Human behavior, honesty and dishonesty — things we all struggle to grok — always fascinate and amaze.

Part of the power of witches is precisely to subject ordinary creatures to unreasonable and unearned travails and such. There is a parallel to Zeus’s powers, Hera’s punishments –and also to quantum particles. The latter can be precipitated from the superposition to actual existence on our plane. We ourselves have it seems little power to restrain them.

Zeus was bad — no, really, he was ; )

When I sat down at my laptop today, there was a YouTube video open (not playing), about Zeus and infidelity. As sometimes happens, I started reading the comments to it.  They were so interesting and amusing that I haven’t watched the video yet. The piece in question is “The Sad Stories of Zeus Lovers.”

It refers to the fact that while gods could not really punish other gods directly (most of the time), they could and did punish any mortals involved in the offense.  Hera would take it out on the mortal women who were objects of Zeus’s indiscretions. The video made its debut in mid-January 2020 and already has 1.2MM views. OK, that’s not a lot. But, it’s not exactly instagrammable stuff. I mean, Greek mythology as entertainment? come on…  Witches, infidelity, UFOs and everything such, keep us interested.

More to come on this…

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