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Help the UFO follow you

As of this writing, sunset where I live is about 10 mins to 7 PM. Soon they’ll take an hour off that with the end of daylight savings. Plus every day, the day is a little shorter — an effect of astronomical fact — until winter solstice, “the darkest day of the year.” In the meantime, my daily walks are more and more in the dark, so safety is on my mind. Someone made the joke that I’m looking for clothing that can be seen from space. Help the UFO follow you, they said. Ok, whatever…


UFOs and Consciousness

All right, it’s true we’ve written a bunch of short articles about UFOs lately. And Halloween. And witches…  For example, ARE UFOS CHANGING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS? (Read that article here.) We do think, though, that a LOT is happening in the so-called UFO-space. As a matter of social responsibility we ought to keep up with it a little better. And THREE VIRTUAL WITCHES AND PROTEUS — read it here.

(And I just noticed a colleague had written a warning about the Zombie Apocalypse, and therefore wrote about an OFF GRID SURVIVAL AXE. A detour into practical survival stuff. Read that here…)

And whether UFOs are related to the nature of human consciousness, as an artifact of certain peripheral traits — YES. Very possible. Very possible that we are experiencing something about unrecognized relationships with distant entities, other worlds, and possibly even about our own provenance. Where we really came from. That sort of thing.

My fellow alien implants… Aristotle and Plato

One of the scientific articles pointed out that if we were actually implants, planted on earth by aliens for whatever purpose, we would not know it. Let that sink in for a minute.

So much for arguing against that possibility from the fact that you know you’re not an alien technology. We humans are already building robots that do not know they are robots, mostly because there is no utility in that knowing. Aristotle and Plato argued this whole utility thing way back. In some ways Aristotle won that one, meaning, logic has been reincarnated in digital devices.

But Plato has his revenge via the quantum cascade — the Schrödinger superposition and its relationship with what happens.  See this article in Scientific American —  “This Twist on Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox Has Major Implications for Quantum Theory.” You might have a bottle of Scotch handy when it gets heavy going… we’ll be happy to recommend one.


And what’s the issue with NASA and UFOs? well many things, but start with this quote:

“NASA seems to fear that the reopening of the question of the genuineness of visitors from outer space will legitimize a subject most establishment scientists consider phony and a waste of time.”

Science Magazine, 1977. Quoted also in Richard C. Henry essay, UFOs and NASA, 1988.

Many people do not think about the basic quandary of NASA. They are a science-based enterprise, within the U.S. governmentally funded enterprise structure. To maintain their credibility, they have to serve the interests of science. But to prove their continuing usefulness, they have to also serve ends the government finds useful. Recent news items have shown that government and science — wishes and truth — are not always after the same objective.

And what if

Even more difficult, what if it is true that government — say, the Pentagon, or various defense and information arms — already know that alien theory and data is real? Even if a fragment is true. Never mind the possibility that my friend Mitch is right, and they really ARE holding “alien grays,” or whatever, captured from crashed spaceships.

My personal interest lately has been just examining my domestic EMF/RF — electro-magnetic field environment — in my humble domicile. EMF, RF (radio-frequency — stuff like mobile phone and wireless modem RF fields) — all measurable.

Click on the Gauss meter instrument images below for more info.







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