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Apparently, I’ve been told, but never seen this, some people open a bottle of wine and don’t finish it. This rarely occurs in my house, but I suppose it’s possible. For those of you who have the will power to keep a bottle for a couple of nights these WINE BOTTLE CONDOMS might be just what you’re looking for. If not yourself they make a hilarious gift for any wine drinker you know.

These natural latex wine bottle condoms have excellent flexibility and easily adapt to different size bottlenecks. The leak-proof technology allows you to safely “recork” your wine. Put one in your pocket or purse without taking up hardly any space. Hell keep one in your wallet right next to the real one- just don’t mistake one for the other when it counts. These are not meant as birth control- it’s really a shame that this has to be said.


  • A Perfect Gag Gift. Destined to be a HUGE hit at your party! The wine bottle condoms are the best choice to set the mood and ease the tension. If you want to be the focus of a party and want to make people laugh, these wine condoms are the best gift. They also come with a beautiful gift box, wrapped in a shiny aluminum foil sleeve, which will definitely make an impression.
  • Fits All Wine Bottle Mouths. Made of superior natural latex with strong elasticity. These wine bottle condoms can be greatly expanded from the original size. Making them suitable for different size bottles.
  • Portable to Put in Your Pocket. High-quality material ensured its elasticity and durability. Just like the regular wine stoppers, simply wash and dry and you can reuse them. Furthermore, they are portable to put in your pocket or purse. Take out a wine bottle condoms from your pocket. It is not only a novelty gift for the party, but also a very practical wine stopper
  • Many people can’t drink a whole bottle, but it is really a hassle to put the cork back. When you want to drink, you have to use the wine opener again, the second used corks also risk breaking.
  • Most wine stoppers add extra length making it difficult to store the bottle upright in the refrigerator. These wine condoms provide a new solution. Their leak-proof technology means you can choose your favorite position, upright or side-lying. A perfect gift for someone who doesn’t always finish a bottle of wine.

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