Are UFOs changing our consciousness?

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After watching the well-known but controversial Bob Wood video I have more questions than answers. Are UFOs changing our consciousness? If so, how? I don’t know, actually. Science has been articulating models of quantum-plane behavior of matter, that simply defy common logic anyway. Our own work.

And all right–  quantum mechanics are coherent mathematically but do not support common sense perceptions of reality. That is a fact. It does not mean that any proposition whatsoever about aliens is true. In other words, there are a lot of attempts to hijack the exotic strangeness of quantum theory. There are people who use a poor public understanding of science.  They use that ignorance to support whatever proposition about aliens, other universes, abductions, superpowers etc. I don’t subscribe to those, and I am not a friend of those who seek to misuse science.  Leveraging our collective misunderstanding of entanglement and other ideas is just shabby.

(An aside: to clear out confusion & the cobwebs — read our article on BIKEPACKING.)

Robert Wood — is he credible?

As to Bob Wood. We just looked at him in our article SOME UFO REPORTS ARE WORTHY. He has taken on the establishment. I don’t think he is deluded or a nutcase. He is a PhD physicist (Cornell University), who worked for 43 years for McDonnell Douglas.  For a good part of that time he was Dir. of R&D. McDonnell Douglas (acquired by Boeing) was very structured, close to the military (they called it McAir). They built the “Top Gun” planes. There was little room for people who exhibited “alternative visions of reality.”


Disclaimer: I actually worked with them (McDonnell Douglas) — not for them — for a time on a couple of projects. That’s another story, not relevant here. EXCEPT that I had first hand experience of the closeness of the McAir relationship with our military and classified projects. I found it sort of inspiring, actually — to see how weapons acquisition worked. People who believed what they were doing was important, and they did it well. I never had any information or reason to believe McAir was involved in any way with “alien technologies” or anything of that sort. I’m not sure what Bob Wood thinks about that. It may not be relevant anyway…


Bob Wood is a scientist,  a disciplined thinker. He delves into information that did not fit into conventional explanations of UFO sightings.  Heck that is how Mandelbrot discovered the theory of fractal geometry. He started looking at small mathematical anomalies everyone else ignored. How our government reacted to and managed UFO info caught Robert Wood’s attention.

The Bob Wood videos

Bob Wood is, however personable and self-deprecating, a poor speaker because he hastens through topic after topic. This is where the listener or audience wants to say, “wait a minute! explain that …” I was frustrated and intrigued by his video  “The Secret Relations Between UFO’s and Consciousness.” (To see that, click here.) Are UFOs changing our consciousness? I still don’t know.

I do think the topic of consciousness is important in the examination and understanding of UFO experiences. What does Bob Wood mean by the topic of consciousness being changed in UFO situations? Here is what he says in a short description of one of his videos. This is from The Secret Relations Between UFOs and Consciousness by Bob Wood at

“Examples would be numerous cases of “missing time” by abductees, recollection of living past lives, the ability to program craft direction and control by thought processes, as well as regular telepathic communication with alien species.”


In any case, there is authentic material and intelligent thinking in what he says. He can laugh, and that always helps because he is not insisting that we believe him. His self-worth doesn’t hang on our opinion of him, and that is the first trait every revolutionary thinker ought to have. He does.

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