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“Some UFO reports are worthy,” I read in a description of the field by scientists. It doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement but considering where it comes from (Stanford University, international panel), it really is something of one.

But let me explain. I have a friend I’ve mentioned before — Mitch, let’s call him — who is really serious about UFOs. He talks about them, filling the room with visionary astral energies as he speaks. It’s not like a page out of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, but something totally contemporary, totally American. And I generally listen but eventually, I’m ashamed to admit, I have to tune him out. Because I am — or at least think I am — sane.

But lately, I started researching various EMF devices for ghost hunting. These are instruments that measure electric, magnetic and radio-frequency fields. Inevitably, I also looked into UFO and UAP matters.

EMF meters and your home environment

By the way: EMF devices sell a fair amount through vendors like Amazon. And clearly, the EMF/RF measuring meters are not all equal. Some you can buy for the price of a pirogi or empanada lunch for the family. Or a Russian version (that’s a book from the 1920’s). And depending on how much you spend on your EMF device, you get different frequencies of detection, different capabilities.  The less expensive ones don’t do radio-frequencies (RF) like mobile phone and modem waves in our homes. The three meters shown later in this article, however, are all a step up. They measure electric, magnetic and electromagnetic (RF) fields, and from the point of view of amateur investigators into the paranormal, they are excellent.


It does make you wonder

This research was originally fun because, at bottom, I basically didn’t think there was anything to it. There was curiosity. But, I was a bit naive. That panel at Stanford University got my attention. They had said, after a lot of examination, that “some UFO reports are worthy.” Yeah okee… But there was so much more…

And not so simple after all. While I was researching all this, I found that subtly, my colleagues seemed to be publishing more articles about being prepared. Ok, I’m not saying we are about to be invaded by aliens. But… there is a mood afoot in the world. And, who could argue with the commonsense recommendations of Wharf21 like  SHOULD YOU BE PREPPING.


I’ll go more deeply into details about the capabilities of home and neighborhood EM environment detectors For now, I recommend you look at these, and get one if you want to learn what is going on in the byzantine invisible force-fields we live in at home.


There IS a scientific assessment

Anyway, I’m scientifically minded so I looked into the actual “scientific community” assessment. Even though I “knew” or thought I knew space-traveler stuff would all be condemned as woohoo —  idiosyncratic, unverifiable, not repeatable.  To a degree it is. But nevertheless, I was wrong.

There are several basic sources of information gathered and maintained by actual scientists and people who adhere to rigorous process.  Here are a couple of publicly available places to look:

UFOs and NASA, an essay by Richard Henry, Dept. of Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University.

J. Allen Hynek, the founder of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) called the rejection of the ideas of a new science, “provincialism.” More specifically, he condemned the inability to imagine modes of science that would surpass the limitations of the speed of light… He characterized it as “a temporal provincialism, a form of arrogance that has always irritated posterity.”

a panel of scientists at Stanford U. released, in the summer of 1998 a report. A multinational group of scholars and scientists participated.  The group concluded that “some UFO reports are worthy of study.” (From such a panel, that was wild enthusiasm.)  Here is a summary and links to the full report.

Bob Wood, a physics Ph.D. (Cornell) and former Dir. of Research and Development at McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing), delivered a speech titled The Secret Relations Between UFOs and Consciousness. On video, here. Or click on the embedded video from YouTube, below.

Also an LA Times article, Physicist Bob Wood Wants to Know How UFOs Get Here.

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