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Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef. [A Cookbook] Hardcover – April 9

Like their first book Franklin Barbecue, FRANKLIN STEAK is so much more than a cookbook. If you enjoyed the first, you’re going to absolutely love this one. Again this is not just a cookbook. You start with an exploration of beef; various cattle, feeding techniques, and what that all means for flavor. Then a lesson on buying meat. A discussion on grades, labels, marbling, hormones, and antibiotics, finishing with a quick guide on selecting a perfect steak. Chapter three takes a look at the various cuts and the best way to prepare them. So much more to this book than simple recipes, this is a complete course on beef and when completed you will be a master. There are a few recipes for side dishes and sauce near the end, but their inclusion is to better your steak education.

The Franklin Barbecue

if you’re looking to up your game, master the art, cook with the pros. Why not read what one of the best in the business has to say? The FRANKLIN BARBECUE: A MEAT-SMOKING MANIFESTO is a must for experienced BBQ cooks and novices alike. This is not a typical cookbook, this is a masterpiece on the science and philosophy of BBQ. While you’ll find some recipes, that is not the focus of the book. You’ll learn more about the essentials, about wood, heat, spritz, and various smokers than recipes. This book will teach you the art and technique of a master.

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