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Stainless Steel Hip Flask

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Mealivos 18 oz Pocket Bottle for Whiskey Liquor Wine Alcohol /Cap,with Case 

A good STAINLESS STEEL HIP FLASK is a must have. We’ve discussed this before, we like whiskey, we like the outdoors, we love to combine the two. Camping season is on us, we’re looking at new gear, prepping and packing, and this flask caught my eye. Sharp looking, classy as hell, and includes the two shot “glasses”, a complete kit-perfect for the trail.


  • It is a stainless steel flask with tight seal, with a high quality Case. Two cups and one funnel for free
  • It includes 2 pcs of Steel Portable Collapsible Telescopic Travel Picnic Cup
  • Eco-friendly, lightweight, and portable.
  • It is easy to clean, strong and durable
  • Should be frequently cleaned These make great gifts for bridal parties, camping, hiking and cycling, awesome for Father’s Day, birthday parties, graduations and much more. They are great stocking stuffers and secret Santa gifts. Makes a awesome gift for any occasion!

Other options

Who wouldn’t want the ability to take your favorite beverage with you while you’re camping, hiking, or wherever you need a little “hydration”. Have I mentioned we like a little Johnnie Walker Black when we get the kayaks in the river. So if you see us on the water, chances are you’ll see a Stanley Classic Flask.

In case you haven’t noticed and I know I’ve said it before-we like whiskey, just a little bit. So when we’re out on the water, on the trails, sometimes we like to bring a little with us. We don’t get crazy, always responsible, but hey we’re all adults. So the VSSL ADVENTURE FLASK is a great addition, so much more than a simple flask. The adventure flask holds 9 oz of your favorite spirit, has 2 shot “glasses” and has a compass and flashlight. A necessary survival tool with benefits.

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