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If you’re paying attention to the news at all  — we are, at Wharf21, though in my case, barely — you might have thought about what to do in case of power outages. So we’ve been looking at solar power generators for camping etc. Not something to take care of the whole house, which is something we will also write about soon. Just thinking about how to run our coffee pot and mobile phones. You know, survival gear …

This concern of mine is not about some Biblical or teleological apocalypse, where prophets with locusts in their hair will rant at the end of our street. Where I live, power outages are regular. In the 10 years in this house, the longest we were without power was maybe ten days. That was bad enough. That was because of a prolonged thunder storm with unfortunate lightning hitting a power transmission station.

Popular Mechanics article on the best portable power generators. Great intro material.

Solar powered vs. gasoline powered generators

In the category of SOLAR POWER GENERATORS FOR CAMPING, ETC., the Jackery product featured here, stands out. It is highly capable, environment friendly, and easily portable.


Really, one basic decision is gasoline v solar or battery powered units. We just mentioned one of the bigger Togo gasoline powered generators. We are going to publish an article on that unit soon. Their smaller but still eminently practical unit is the Togo Power Portable Generator, with 1000 Peak Watts 120 Volts Gasoline Powered – CARB Compliant for Backup Home Use&Camping-Small Power Gas Outdoor Generator.

Click on the picture below to read about this unit at Amazon.


The more powerful unit is the TogoPower Portable RV Generator, 3600 Peak Watts 120 Volts Gasoline Powered-Portable Power Station Generator for Home Back Up & RV Ready.


No, I haven’t made up my mind yet. But all of the above are well reviewed. Feedback, comments, write to me at:

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