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Portable Campfire Cooking Kit for All Camping and Outdoor Adventures

The WOLF GRIZZLY CAMPFIRE TRIO, everything you need to elevate your campfire culinary experience. Portable, durable and lightweight, it’s the ultimate addition to any outdoor adventure. The grill is compact, only two pieces, that are easy to set up and fit in your backpack. The fire pit is folds right up for the pack, sets up in seconds, and is safe for charcoal or wood. The included fire starter is a premium ferro rod that lasts for roughly 20,000 starts and produces consistent sparks. Everything you need to cook and enjoy a fire at the camp site.


  • COMPLETE KIT: Campfire Trio comes with everything you need to cook over a campfire. Grill M1, a portable campfire cooking grill; Fire Safe, a portable foldable fire pit; and Fire Set, a knife steel and ferro rod firestarter.
  • DURABLE: Campfire Trio is built to last. Every component of Grill M1 and Fire Safe are made of 304 Stainless Steel. With 120 square inches of cooking area and a 30 pound load capacity, your Grill is tough enough to handle a fully loaded cast iron skillet or dutch oven.
  • PORTABLE: Forget the bulky alternatives! Campfire Trio folds and packs away easily for a lightweight and portable campfire cooking solution. With premium carrying cases included, you’ll be ready for any adventure.
  • VERSATILE: With three height adjustments, the Campfire Trio’s versatility will cover all your camp cooking needs. Grill M1’s thoughtfully crafted design allows for cooking at different levels over wood or charcoal fires. It can even lie flat on Fire Safe if you’d rather lower the weight and leave the frame at home.

Other campsite options

Looking for something a little ore than a fire pit? The Solo Stove Bonfire Pit is the world’s most unique fire pit. The Solo Stove pushes the limits of both combustion efficiency and minimalist outdoor design with its all stainless steel construction. Painstakingly engineered to provide a backyard fire experience that cannot be duplicated. The Solo is perfect for the backyard, cabin, campsite, even the beach. Lightweight and requiring no set up, you can take the Solo anywhere you want in its heavy duty carry case.

A stove that will charge your phone! The BioLite Campstove 2 is an Electricity Generating Wood Camp Stove. That’s right, the CampStove 2 is a portable camping stove that cooks meals and boils water in minutes while charging your devices. The CampStove uses sticks and twigs found around your campsite. There’s no need to carry additional fuel or split logs.

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