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throwing axes

Axe throwing is all over the place now. The local breweries have it on weekends, there is even a venue completely devoted to it the next town over. I’m a little undecided about the mixing of beer and throwing axes, but honestly, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Enough so that the wife and I are in discussions about the construction of pallet targets in my backyard. I think I’m going to get my way on this one.

Now for me, I figure I’d paint a bullseye and we’d just keep score similar to throwing darts. But apparently, this is becoming a well regulated sport with official rules and competitions. So if you’re interested in THROWING AXES you can actually join The World Axe Throwing League. Their goal is to “promote competition through sportsmanship and fair play.”

They actually have a code of conduct (below) and rules that you can find on the above website. Me I’m going to just make it up as I go. There will be rules regarding scoring and definitely beer.

World Axe Throwing League code of conduct

  • Respect the game, play fairly, and follow all rules and policies.
  • Accept & respect the decisions of WATL officials.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after games, win or lose.
  • Be responsible for the sportsmanship of teammates and assist in maintaining a respectful environment for all participants.
  • Be courteous to opposing players, teams, officials, spectators, monitors, or facilitators and treat all players and WATL officials with respect.
  • Help to maintain and keep all equipment and conditions at the facility in good condition.
  • Obey all facility rules, while respecting all equipment, common areas, playing areas, parking areas, and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Refrain from the use of abusive language or profanity. (Including but not limited to: contemptuous, discriminatory or denigratory words or actions concerning race, colour, language, religion, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Do Not engage in any behavior which would endanger the health, safety, or well being of any player, official staff member, or spectator.
  • Not engage in verbal, written, or physical threats or abuse aimed at any participant, official, staff member, or spectator.
  • Not initiate a fight, scuffle, or exchange with any individual (including but not limited to: pushing, shoving, punching, kicking, verbal threats or harassment).
  • Do Not use alcoholic beverages at any location unless permitted by the facility/venue.
  • Not allow, use or encourage illegal drugs at any location.
  • Wear/use all required and issued equipment and/or uniforms.
  • Under no circumstances are live targets allowed. No thrower is to throw an axe at a target while there is a person or live object in between or in front of the thrower.
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