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One of the best articles on ghost-detecting instruments was published in The Atlantic back in November 2016. By Colin Dickey, it lays the foundation for exploring these devices. After four years of modern development, “The Broken Technology of Ghost Hunting” still makes a convincing case. Helmets on, it’s UFOlogy time.

Most of the meters, detectors and recorders used for finding ghosts were designed for something else, and just adopted for a new purpose. In fact, two of the top three best selling ghost meters on Amazon, the article points out, were not made to be ghost meters. But, now they are described as such.

Read the article here.

If you are adventurous, you might check out our recent article on the YOUCAN UNDERWATER DRONE with video and still camera capabilities.

So yes, helmets on it’s UFOlogy time. To help, here are some core books for UFOs, including the Hynek report, released in 1977, but which asks core questions like:

— Have UFOs really been reported by every nation across the globe?
— Can all the eyewitness reports simply be fantasy?
— Are we victims of mass hallucination or just plain lies?
— Have close encounters actually occurred? Is the government concealing deep secrets at a hidden location?


Also. Here are selected ghost meters — not all of them advertised as being useful for the paranormal, but… :

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