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People just want new experiences

“People just want new experiences.” That was how an article about the fate of Pokemon Go concluded a couple of years ago.  The article in question was in The Sydney Morning Herald. That was back in 2018. Pokemon itself had lost user mass interest — according to reports — by the end of 2016. (To read the article itself, click here.)

Pokemon may be dead. Or hibernating. That’s not the point.

We were looking into the topic of ghost-detecting, ghost-hunting experiences.  Well, let’s call it that — and of course we found data about reality-augmenting pursuits. There is a reason it is relevant. The addicting Pokemon game (yes, I played it and I don’t care who knows) mixed the real and the virtual. As pundits call it, “the augmented” reality. It also showed us that our mental categories separating the two were — umm, pretty artificial.

Redesigning the familiar

It allowed us to redesign reality. Sort of. It also introduced the strange and obsessive into the normal.

This became an interesting question because as soon as you look into ghost-hunting, you discover something. It largely breaks down into ways to handle boredom, promote certain urges, and in effect “augment” reality. And of course, if those things were ALL there is to ghosts and detecting them, the topic would be done and dusted.

But it isn’t. There are several reasons for this. One is that the world itself IS, in fact, describable as EMF (electromagnetic forces). And there is no actual wall separating us humans from them. I mean, from experiencing a range of stimulation from them as we go about our daily lives.

But the equipment — that is another matter… OK, we will try some out ourselves.

“The meter’s broken. That’s why it works. “

The Atlantic ran a good article about the sorry state of the art in ghost detecting. Titled, The Broken Technology of Ghost Hunting, you can read it here.  The old joke that “the meter’s broken, that’s why it works,” comes to mind. You can see that people get misled in the ghost business, because they are willing to be. In a way they are in it for that.  And yet there is often something left over, something unexplained.

Maybe even something authentic. So, we feel justified in looking into these things… “People just want new experiences” is of course true, but they also want to understand anew, the old and familiar.

We’ve already written between and ten articles where the K2 EMF topic is discussing. There is our article on the brilliant — and now, sadly, deceased — quantum physicist / philosopher Yoav Ben Dov. Also, an article titled EVP RECORDER GHOST HUNTING, from back in June this year (see it here).

If you browse Amazon for ghost-detecting gear, you will encounter the much-maligned and useful K2 EMF meters. Receptive in the 50 to 20,000 hertz range, they are useful because they are sensitive. They are also prone to reporting the unusual. Or rather, calling our attention to something common which, by generating a reading, could POSSIBLY be a ghostly signature.

To see more of these, and to see K2 models, here is a search on “ghost” on our site.

We’ll be looking into some ghost tours locally and regionally. Stay tuned…



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