Wool camping blanket


EKTOS 90% Wool Blanket, Olive Green, Warm & Heavy 4.0 lbs, Large Washable 66″x90″ Size, Perfect for Outdoor Camping, Survival & Emergency Preparedness Use

A wool blanket roll is part of my essential gear. Whether under my sleeping bag, over, or just around my shoulders there is always room for a blanket on my pack. This OUTDOOR WOOL BLEND BLANKET from EKTOS wicks moisture away from your skin and can retain 30% of its weight before you start to feel wet. This is what makes wool an excellent choice for camping. Keeping you and your bag/gear warm and dry. Not to mention the classic appeal of the blanket roll from all those old westerns I watched a s a kid.

A must have for the outdoor enthusiast. No matter if you’re packing for the base camp or a backpacking trip. For hunting, fishing, travel and boating – wool blankets are a timeless necessity. They are also an important part of any survival, bushcraft or emergency prep kit. Use one of these to keep warm in the cold or for bedding, ground cover, padding or extra winter insulation. Can also be used to create a bed roll or to provide protective shelter from the outside elements. Also a great addition to your sleeping bag when the temperature really drops


  • 90% Wool / 10% Synthetic
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – These heavyweight woolen blankets are loom woven and have finished edges on all sides to prevent fraying. Ruggedly designed – they are thick, heavy duty, durable and naturally long lasting
  • EXCEPTIONAL WARMTH – Wool has an excellent warmth to weight ratio, is one of the best natural insulators, effectively regulates body temperature and even continues to provide thermal warmth when wet
  • COMFORTABLE – Designed to be as soft, non-scratchy and odor free as possible, EKTOS 90 percent wool blankets are also naturally mildew, static and fire resistent
  • NO FIRE RETARDANT ADDED – Despite wool being naturally fire resistent, many blankets on the market still contain chemical flame retardants. Sleep easy knowing this blanket contains no added fire retardants
  • WASHABLE – Hand or machine washable, EKTOS wollen blankets are easy to care for

Product Specs
> 90 Percent Wool / 10 Percent Synthetic Fibers
> 4.0 Pounds
> 66 x 90 Inches
> Army Green / Olive Green Color
> Overlocked Edges
> No Fire Retardant Added
> Machine Launderable
> Made in India

Better than US Military surplus as it’s new – be sure to order a spare for your home, RV, cabin, car and truck!

Take one car camping.

Never heard of or thought of car camping? I had never really given it any thought because, to me, I was either “tent camping” with the kids or hiking out back. Meaning we were either at a campground or I was out on a trail. But recently I’ve begun to change my mind. I realized that with the right car, I could combine the comforts of the campground with the solitude of the backwoods. 


As I’m prepping for some multiple overnighters this fall I’m researching and rethinking my pack and gear. Like most campers and backpackers I’ve always thought of the tent as my only option for overnight shelter. Except of course if I’m doing a stretch on the AT and can land at a trail shelter. That’s changed, mostly because of my son and his friends. They’ve introduced me to hammock camping. An interesting and increasingly popular alternative. If you’ve enjoyed chilling in your backyard hammock, then you might want to give camping in one a try. So I’ve started looking into hammocks and the GOLD ARMOUR CAMPING HAMMOCK is on my radar.

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