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Dame Diana Rigg RIP

Among the news of the day, yesterday. The style icon / actress who became famous through the vintage television series The Avengers, died September 10. Dame Diana Rigg RIP. She was 82 years old. Notable, because she had managed to engrave our culture via Avengers, a Bond film and, very recently, a role in Game of Thrones. In The Avengers, she was Emma Peel. She also did theater, and won a Tony (1994) for best actress for her role in Medea.

Wikipedia article on her is here.

When The Avengers tv show made an impression in the U.S., it made a mark. It is hard not to think that she was a sort of second stage of the British invasion which really started with The Beatles. It was British, so it was a bit kinky by inflection, though always tasteful and discreet.

Emma Peel is derived, so we are told, from “M-appeal” — appeal to males, that is. British humor has no bounds.

She was hot… when she strode across the floor, little puffs of smoke rose from each footfall… Well, as we imagined, anyway. Convincing and sophisticated imagery of female power entered into our cultural iconography. It was mingled with sexuality and wit, wrapped in discreet elegance, and it had an effect. The power of understatement became a thing..

RIP, Diana…




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