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Best Dorm Safe Back To School College and Dorm Essentials Vault

You’ve packed the kids off to school and while you’ve done everything a parent can to keep them safe- here’s a little something to protect their possessions. The Dormvault outshines traditional safes with a refined, sleek, vertical design using a simple form and sensible use of color, material changes and surface textures. The Dormvault DORM SAFE has a bracket that attaches to flat and round loft beds, furniture posts and L shaped shelving and bed frames. An optional security cable is included when bracket installation is not feasible.

Dormvault has a roomy 11″ x 8″ x 4″ interior design with two adjustable shelves and a door pocket to hold tablets, e readers or documents. Door ribs add strength and the low profile molded hinge add strength. Designed for college life to protect your property. Easy to use, a modern design. Over 100,000 customers have bought Dormvault safes. It will work for you.

Check out for a printable installation manual.


YouTube Review

  • The only safe designed for college life. Practical and Effective
  • Dormvault attaches to furniture with a patented bracket system.
  • 10 Years of Experience. It stops Dorm thieves.
  • Installs easily without tools
  • Adjustable trays provide flexibility and convenient access.
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