Lighter multitool

Stainless Steel Lighter Sleeve

This stainless steel lighter sleeve will prepare you for anything. Equipped with spring-loaded scissors that have enough cutting power to handle a 300lb big-game fishing leader. But the Japanese hardened 420 stainless steel is also refined enough to handle the finesse needed for cutting even the most delicate garden flowers with care and precision.

How often have you needed a screwdriver but were at a loss? No more, this sleeve comes equipped with a Micro-Phillips size 000 screwdriver, 2-inch length, made of hardened stainless steel. Now always have one of those tiny screwdrivers you always need, but never have. Tighten your sunglasses, then use it to poke the sand out of your iPhone headphone jack when you get home from the beach. Forgot your pocket knife? Not a problem. This stainless steel lighter sleeve comes with a super sharp blade inspired but the Samurai’s Katana. The blunt tip can be used as a regular screwdriver in a pinch and the imported Japanese 420 alloy stainless steel is heat treated and hardened- sure to last.

And while we know most of you can already open a bottle with a lighter we added one anyway.


  • Super Sharp Knife — Easily opens boxes / packages — Cuts tough cord / rope
  • Spring-action scissors — Super sharp — Trims your nails — Precisely cuts thread, cloth, paper, packaging
  • Bottle Opener and key ring attachment — Save time searching for a bottle opener when you need it
  • Micro Screwdriver Size 000 — Perfect for eye glasses — Repair small electronics, phones — Long thin poker
  • All on this low profile 100% stainless steel Bic lighter sleeve — Never loose your lighter again!

Just need a really good lighter


While I’ve quit smoking, hopefully for the last time, I’ve not given up my obsession with collecting cool stuff. This waterproof windproof plasma lighter is a must for the pack and car. You never know when you might need a light and this is the one to have. This is the perfect lighter for camping, hiking, emergency, in your bug out pack, or just everyday use.

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