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Road ID Bracelet – Official ID Wristband – Silicone Clasp Identification Bracelet and Sport ID for Athletes

So we went riding the other day with a good friend. Dan is a much more experienced rider than us and during the ride our conversation the topic of road ID came up. We were riding local. Right out of the drive way so I didn’t bother bringing a wallet. The wife didn’t have anything with her either. So Dan brought to our attention the repercussions in a worst case scenario. What if we got hit? How would anyone know who we were or who to contact? Needless to say, when we got home the first thing we did was research a ROAD ID BRACELET.

Dan had suggested that our review of this product would include the story of his riding down a mountain in the Alps. He lost control of his bike when he reached a speed nearing 100mph, veering off the edge and landing nearly 300′ below. He managed to survive for weeks on small bugs and snow melt before finally losing consciousness. Too much? Over the top? Bottom line- don’t take a chance, have an ID on you at all times. Preferably something on your body easily spotted.

Essential ID, must have.

Wrist ID Elite Silicone Clasp ROAD iD

The Wrist ID Elite Silicone Clasp ROAD iD is personalized, lightweight, durable, and stylish. Perfect for everyday wear. Each wristband is comprised of a silicone band that closes with a stainless steel clasp and has a stainless-steel faceplate. Each cycling ID is fully customizable with up to 5 lines of engraved text. This allows you to include your vital information, like name, birthdate, emergency contacts, and important medical info (like allergies). Keeping your personalized bracelet identification handy ensures you receive the proper treatment in the event of an accident. ROAD iDs are essential for hikers, cyclists, runners, triathletes, bikers, and other athletes.

  • Engraved and assembled in Kentucky, USA. Same day shipping if ordered by 1pm EST. Lifetime guarantee. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it. We got your back.
  • Trim-to-fit, one size fits most.
  • Personalized ID Bracelet allows you to include info such as your name, emergency contact numbers, and medical info.
  • ROAD iD helps save lives and provide priceless peace of mind by telling First Responders how best to care for you in the event of an emergency.
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